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Can Improve Metabolism Reduce Weight ?

Improve metabolism can reduce weight, many people know but the specific  to improve the metabolism, how much do you know?

1.Have a cold drink and eat cold food, the body to burn more calories

That's right.The news excited can make a lot of people.Study found that five or six glasses of water a day, the human body the heat of combustion would 10 more calories a day, a year down, not laborious can lose a pound.

Tip: the effect is not obvious, for some person with bad intestines and stomach, eat cold food to the stomach is bad, so want to weigh.

2. Water right amount, can help the body to consume more energy.

That's right.All chemical reactions in the body, including metabolism, all need water.According to researchers at the university of Utah, if the body is dehydrated, body burn calories can be reduced by 2%, they really be tested 10 adults, their drinking every day is different.Finally found that people who drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day metabolic rate than those who only everyday drink 4 cups of water metabolism.

Tip: if your urine is not a light yellow, color is more deep, then it is confirmed that you not drink enough water every day.Remember or have a snack before half an hour before meals, drink a glass of water.

3. Go on a diet to slow the rest metabolic rate, hindered the weight loss

That's right.Weight per lose a pound, static energy metabolic rate reduced every day 2 to 10 calories.If lost 10 pounds, so every day 20 to 100 calories in the energy consumption is reduced, thus the corresponding dietary intake of energy and to reduce the 20 to 100 calories.However, period.Or there was a way to weight loss at the same time maintain metabolic rate does not decline.One of the methods is to reduce fat, keep body lean muscles, insist to do aerobic exercise and endurance exercise at the same time.Warning: if the intake of calories a day less than 1000, the proportion of body lean muscles are likely to reduce.

4.Spicy foods can accelerate the metabolism rate

That's right.Capsaicin is a work on matter compounds, with it, pepper to emit heat, be like a torch, accelerate metabolism, make the body burns more energy.The study found that a small teaspoon pepper contains 30 mg of capsaicin, metabolic rate can be increased by 23%.In another study, if 0.9 milligrams of capsaicin in tomato juice, drink to the participants of the experiment, results show that these People's Daily energy intake reduced from 10% to 16%, but two days later, these subjects did not feel hungry because of the food intake reduced.

Tip: when doing the stew, such as pasta noodle, sprinkle pepper, not only can increase the taste, but also can reduce weight, too.

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