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2019 Best MTL/DL Vaping Tank - Aspire Tigon Tank

Aspire has always been the favorite brand of vape beginner. Aspire has won a large number of fans with high quality, high standards, and cost-effective products. So what I want to share with you today is a Starter Tank from Aspire, Tigon Vape Tank.

What’s Aspire Tigon Tank

Aspire Tigon Tank is an Atomizer that supports MTL Vaping and DL Vaping. It is equipped with our well-known top-filling system and two airflow control systems. With different airflow adjustment methods, we can more precisely control the desired vapor production, vapor temperature and so on.

Aspire gave us a 0.4-ohm coil and 1.2 ohm for different effects. Of course, with the shrinking drip tip, you will fall in love with the MTL Vaping experience that Tigon brings. You can also replace the regular drip tip to get more vapor. Stylish look, cost-effective, easy to use, Aspire Tigon will make you fall in love with vaping.

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