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Unique Little Known Vape Mod - Vzone Cultura 100W Mod

If you are tired of the constant electronic cigarette device on the market, then I think you need to know about the Vzone brand. It is an e-cigarette brand based on American street culture. Soon after its launch, its design style is deeply loved by vapers. So today's Cultura 100W Mod will be your cup of tea?

Vzone offers four color options. This product uses IML production technology to make the design pattern better protected. Four different colors have different personalities and symbols. So which one do you prefer?

The Cultura Mod has a metallic material that makes the device look more textured and refined. The smooth cutting process gives the user a better feel. 89mm height, 38mm width, 30mm depth, compact size for better portability. The texture is designed on the side to avoid accidental slippage.

There are long strips of LEDs on both sides of the pattern, and when we press the fire button, they will be illuminated. A single 20700/18650 battery will deliver up to 100W of output. So what do you think of this powerful personality vape mod?

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