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Vaporesso Nexus All-in-One Kit Review

Nowadays, there seems to be a trend that vape companies are following two different ways: some are in pursuit of introducing more complicated, multifuctional and innovative vapes while others are seeking to make simple and user-friend ones.

Having focused on many powerful vapes, this time let’s have take a fresh look at the newly-released e-cigar, Nexus all-in-one kit from Vaporesso. I am sure you will be attracted by it just as I.

I have used this Nexus body vape for about 1 months. When I first got it, it lay in my palm just like a little erase that we had used during childhood. It is so small and lightweight. I would take it out with me whenever I go. Besides, It is very classic in look, I love the purple and orange one. Every time, when I am about to go out, I will fill it and then I could enjoy it on my way.

The kit has suffered no problems after one-month’s use and it still looks brand new. What worthy of mentioning is that the is kit is almost free of leakage. At least, I have never experienced. It is much superior to most of powerful vapes.

Where can I buy Nexus All-in-One Kit? I think Cloumix is your best choice. This is my favorite Vape Online Store. Not only does it often have e-cigarette promotions, but it also sells -cigarettes with a 6-month warranty. highly recommended.

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