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What is stable wood? How to make it?

1. Material
Good stable wood must use the best wood, a century-old tree tumor. There are a lot of stable wooden boxes on the market, but it is not difficult to find that many boxes are relatively simple patterns, not even patterns. The reason is because the wood material used is not a pure century-old tree tumor. The conditions for harvesting a century-old tree tumor are very difficult. It needs to go deep into the deep mountains, and 100 trees may not be able to extract a tree that is consistent with stable wood. Therefore, the difficulty of picking is difficult, and the price of stable wood is also expensive.

2. Process
The production process of stable wood looks very simple, but cutting it up is very complicated. First dry the wood, dry all the water inside, dry it, fix the wood, vacuum the air inside, vacuum it, and fill it with some pigment paste and resin. And then the pattern of wood came out. The collocation of the color is very important. If the collocation is not good, the pattern does not appear prominently will appear dull wood, ordinary, so the wood is scrapped. Every step of the process is very important. It can't be used if it is too careless. This is one of the reasons for the high scrap rate of stable wood.

3. Making
After the above, the wood can be made into the desired shape, but the wood is wood after all. Although it is solidified, some wood properties still exist. In the production process, wood will be directly discarded when it encounters water or exposure. Moreover, wood is a one-time finished product. After cutting, it cannot be restored to a solidified piece of wood. Therefore, when the cutting is inadvertent, the dimensional deviation is not reusable, and the wood is scrapped. This is the second reason for the high scrap rate of wood. .

4.Finished product
The stable wood can not be separated from the characteristics of wood. There will be some defects on the surface of the wood, such as wormholes, tree scars, etc., which cannot be avoided. So many people will do some treatment on the surface of the wood to avoid these defects, and spray a layer of varnish on the surface of the wood, so that the wood will look bright and flawless. However, this is not correct. This is the lowest level of wood processing. Process. This not only masked some of the characteristics of the wood itself, but also lost the opportunity to play wood. The real process is to polish the wax a little and keep the wood characteristics. This kind of wood will only form a layer of pulp on the surface after we have played it for a long time. The wood will shine brighter.

The advantages of stable wood:
1. Stable wood has the advantages of stable performance, no deformation, no cracking, no discoloration, etc.
2. It is the uniqueness of its pattern, just like the fingerprint of a person is unique, and it is impossible to find two stable wooden boxes with exactly the same pattern.
3. Stable wood can be played like a wenwan play. If you play it for a long time, it will form a layer of pulp on the surface of the wood, and then the wood will be brighter.

Stable wood defects:
1. The picking, craftsmanship, and production are complicated, and the scrap rate is high, resulting in high costs.
2. Some defects appear on the surface of the wood.
3. Wood, after all, is wood and cannot be bridged like hardware, so many stable wooden boxes will appear gaps, which is a normal phenomenon.

Range of applications:
The stable wood is generally used in the decoration of high-end products such as knife handles, automobiles and airplanes.

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