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Eating Cabbage And Inhibiting Fat Accumulation

Revealing the principles of cabbage weight loss:
The emphasis of cabbage weight loss is to chew the cabbage about 10 minutes before dinner. Why do you do that? When you chew cabbage, you can exercise chin, can stimulate the nerve center, forming a small amount of diet can feel the fullness of the abdomen. If you eat a whole cabbage, you can get a sense of satiety. So then, it prevents overeating.

Five principles of eating cabbage:
1. Eating about 1/6 cabbages per day before dinner.
2. Eating uncooked cabbage. The sauce is not salad sauce, but lemon juice.
3. if you don't want to eat uncooked cabbage, you can also put the cabbage into the microwave for 2 minutes, and mix other vegetables to eat.
4. the most important thing is to take 70g of tofu, fish, milk, eggs or meat every day; the intake of staple rice is less than usual 2/3.
5. edible oil should choose sesame oil, olive oil or Perilla oil!

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