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3 Points You May Want Out Of A Mod !

Vapers buy a mod,there are so many things they want out of a mod, here is 3 points you may want out of a mod .
Customization: You want people to be able to customize your product. This is so they can use your product and have a their cool tank on it. This day and age many of the vapers are female and want to have matching tanks and mods.

Ease of use or a good instruction manual: You want new comers to TC to be able to use your product more easily. 25 clicks to get to the mode menu, 20 clicks to turn it off, 30 clicks to lock your device, gets annoying quickly. There should be a way on your device to pair it with all smart phones (not just iphone), this would make everything in terms of settings much easier. Heck you would be one of the first or few to do that. Or just have 1 button for each type of setting: One button for switching of Ti, Ni, (Ceramic?), or Kanthal. One button for changing V/W mode. One button for changing temp. One button to lock your resistance. You catch my drift on this one.

Compatibility with other tanks: If you have not noticed a lot of users on here use Kanger STM's. Make sure by doing some testing or research to see if your product is compatible with those tanks and the different ways vapers use those tanks. That way the person does not have to learn something new if they do not want to and just use your product right away.

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