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3 Best Menthol E-Juices Of 2016

Menthol e-juices are extremely popular, as they offer a cool and refreshing sensation menthol flavored e-juicefrom inhale to exhale. Pure menthol e-liquids can be, and often are, combined with other flavors to give it a satisfying layer of cool. This combination is sometimes done at the manufacturer, while other times the user blends menthol with their favorite juices.

However, with the endless amount of menthol e-juices on the market, identifying the ones that are not overpowering and offer the proper refreshing menthol taste is something that only master e-juice craftsmen can achieve.
SubZero by Halo

The vaping industry is flooded with many menthol liquids, but none are as intense and flavorful as SubZero by Halo. This is one of the most popular menthol juices around, and for good reason—its absolutely perfect in every way.

SubZero E-Juice gives you the sensation of a delightfully cool arctic chill in your mouth. Halo painstakingly crafted SubZero to offer a much more intense menthol experience than that which can be found with any other menthol e-liquid.

Lemon Ice by Mister-E-Liquid
Lemon Ice is such an incredible e-juice, that it's difficult to explain. You simply need to try it for yourself to see why it is the winner of the Dr. Vapenstein's It's Alive Award.

Lemon Ice E-Juice by Mister-E-Liquid is the masterful combination of perfectly tart California lemons that is then cooled by just the right amount of menthol for a balance like no other. If you like menthol juices, don't think twice about purchasing Lemon ice by Mister-E-Liquid.

Menthol Ice by Halo:
Halo makes it to the top three again with this incredible e-liquid. Menthol Ice is one of the tastiest and most refreshing menthol liquids you will ever try. Menthol Ice offers a perfect balance of cool, that is not overbearing but still incredibly invigorating. If you enjoy menthol e-liquids, theres no question you will love Menthol Ice by Halo.

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