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The SMOK X Cube 2 Is Incredible !

The SMOK X Cube 2 is incredible. It will not disappoint. Extremely durable as I have dropped it twice already and have had no problems whatsoever. Id like to point out that the second time it was dropped onto concrete and the only thing that happened was a very small chip in the finish. It performs great and has a plethora of options. Has an output of 160 watts , but is 180 watts when you do the upgrade which took no time or effort at all to do. I installed the upgrade tool on my laptop, removed my batteries, plugged it into my laptop and 3 clicks on a mouse later my x cube 2 can reach 180 watts. One downside is if you want temp control you have to pay something like 3 bucks to unlock that feature via downloadable content, which I think is kind of BS. But whatever its only 3 bucks. Other than that I really can not complain. The LED light and its color options are gorgeous and IMO is a really cool feature. I also love that you have the option to change how hard your vape will hit at any wattage, for example.minimum, soft, normal, hard and maximum. . I also love the ability to control my wattage , temp, color of led etc, from my phone via Bluetooth and the smok smart BLE app.

I highly recommend this Box Mod For all of you .The official auhthourized website is xcube2.org

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