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1. Never reluctant to eat after eating to eight full.
Eat eat only eight full, is the secret recipe of preserve one's health of many of the long-lived, for those who always do not forget to lose weight, "eight full" is more than counting calories is more convenient and effective laws, because if excessive limiting calorie intake, tend to be very hungry have to give up, but if choose nutritious food to eat to the full, eight are not only won't let a person feel hungry, and also can naturally at least once a day minus 500 kcal heat!
2. Try to avoid to eat snacks, especially while watching TV and eating snacks.
Snacks, extremely high quantity of heat, if really intentional weight loss or less put a pack of a bag of chips and chocolate in your mouth!Especially when watching TV, don't let the snacks in reach, or a TV, a serial, unconsciously eat into the heat is really amazing.Fruta Planta Weight Loss Pills also can't work out.
3. Feel hungry, eat a little better than tolerating is hungry.
A selective immediately feel hungry to eat something, such as tomatoes, skim milk or white boiled eggs, so hungry when eating.For a big meal is better than 3-4 small meal are more likely to make people fat, because eat too much, also more secretion of digestive juice, fat also easy to crank after food digestion and absorption, so avoid excessive hunger after big eat a meal.

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