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Berry fruit let you have a beautiful and graceful

Like to eat the fruit of MM beware, fruit can not only make the skin beauty, but also to lose weight Oh, today to share with you the four fruits, allows you to easily use!
1, "strawberry" whitening champion
Ellagic acid: the antioxidant and whitening.
Vitamin C: antioxidant, prevention of colon and rectal cancer.
Organic acid: enhance immunity, prevent colds.
Strawberry is also called the "strawberry", taste sweet, low in calories, fat strawberry juice cool, have stomach function, especially suitable to reduce an abdomen. A cup of strawberry component containing only 45cal, very suitable for the beauty of you, not only can eat strawberry whitening can also be fit! Strawberry is easy to absorb, eat more also won't get angry.

2, "blueberry" anti aging champion
Anthocyanin pigment: maintenance of collagen function, can keep the skin smooth and elastic.
Phenolic acids and flavonoids: anti inflammation, anti coagulation and anti bacteria.
Natural antioxidants: resistance to oxidative stress, delay the aging of neurons.
In all fresh fruit antioxidant first blueberry, also has a special advantage, is to strengthen the visual acuity, the tiny blood vessel can protect the eyes, and to help the eyes, "rhodopsin regeneration," formation of nervous excitement decomposition of rhodopsin, when excited by the optic nerve to the brain, the eyes have a feeling of light. The fruit is low in calories, is rich in acid, to reduce waist very helpful oh.

3, raspberry slimming first
The soluble fiber pectin: maintain the normal physiological metabolism and detoxification.
Class of catechins and antioxidant activities of flavonoids: can rid the body of excess free radicals.
Trace elements and potassium: can help regulate the body's acid-base value, maintain good color, avoid water accumulation body.
Anthocyanins: inflammation inhibition in vivo caused excessive growth of some bacteria and fungi.
In recent years, research on the implementation, full of raspberry, new life, not only R & d eat, drink can be variable raspberry beverage thin, rich in the pectin in the fruit, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help the body detox, so the weight can not lack of it.

4, "Cranberry" antibacterial first
Flavonoids: prevention of cardiovascular aging disease.
Flowering astaxanthin: prevent stone, clear toxin and blood in the treatment of urethra, vagina bacterial infection of the.
Antioxidants: improve has been hardening of the arteries, prevent and improve cardiovascular disease.
Cranberry juice has been regarded as a health drink of urinary tract infection, the latest research findings, cranberry juice can effectively inhibit Helicobacter pylori, resistance to bacterial gastric ulcer, and has strong antioxidant effect, can reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, particularly suitable for women to eat.

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