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Bedtime taboo, you need to know

Want to live a long and note the bedtime taboo
One, avoid to eat before going to bed: sleep, body part activities slowed down the pace, enter the resting state.
If you eat before going to sleep, stomach also busy, so increase their burden, other parts of the body can not get good rest, not only affects sleep, it is harmful to health.
Two, avoid to speak before: for talking too much excitement, active thinking, which make it difficult to sleep.
Three, avoid excessive use of the brain: the evening before going to bed with work and learning habits, to put things done more nerve racking, before going to sleep is easier to do things, make the brain to relax, so it is easy to fall asleep. Otherwise, the brain in the excited state, even as he lay in bed to sleep, a long time, but also easy to insomnia.
Four, avoid bedtime emotion: people of the passions are easy to cause central nervous excitement or confusion, make it difficult to sleep, even cause insomnia. Therefore, before going to bed to avoid great wrath or melancholy, so that a smooth mood.
Five, avoid bedtime drink tea, drink tea, Coffee: Coffee is stimulating drinks, can make the person excited spirit containing caffeine, bedtime drink easily lead to difficulty falling asleep.
Six, avoid mouth while sleeping: mouth to sleep, viruses and bacteria in the air is easy to take advantage of a weak point, resulting in "Disease enters by the mouth.", but also easy to make lung and stomach cold air and dust by stimulation, cause disease.
Seven, avoid fall into sleep: the old man is afraid of the cold, so some people like hooding and sleep. In this way, because of the large amount of exhaled carbon dioxide inhalation himself, and lack of necessary oxygen supplement, extremely detrimental to the body.
Eight, avoid fell and sleep: sleep posture, sideways to the right clothes for the best, so that the whole body bone, muscle is in the natural state of relaxation, fall asleep easily, also easy to eliminate fatigue. Supine make the whole body bone, muscle is in nervous condition, is not conducive to the elimination of fatigue, but also easily lead to produce nightmare due to hand on the chest, affecting the quality of sleep.
Nine, avoid eyes to sleep and light: when people fall asleep, eyes closed though, but still can feel the light. Facing the light sleep, easy to make people uneasy, difficulty sleeping, and even fall asleep easily broken.
Ten, avoid when the wind and sleep: the room to keep the air circulation, but don't let the wind blow directly into the body. Because the person is asleep, reduce the body's ability to adapt to environment, if when the wind and sleep, time is long, the cold air will enter the body, caused by cold and other diseases.
Before taking a few drops of liquid propolis, can play a sedative sedative effect, effectively improve the quality of sleep.

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