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What is the healthy weight for you?

Modern mass media are overloaded with ads and images of beautiful and very slim models, that is why overwhelming majority of young ladies and women are under a great effect of “Barbie syndrome”. Every woman desires to have a physical appearance and body of the Barbie doll, which has been a worldwide standard of beauty for many decades. However, doctors and medical specialists express their concern and pay pubic attention on the fact that excessive thinness and skinniness must not be accepted as ideal beauty since it can not be associated with good health. Undoubtedly, being too slim is not less harmful to your health than being overweight, and every lady has to remember that the best solution is to have a normal healthy weight, which is somewhere in between those two extremes.

If you've been thinking about your current weight, it may be because you've noticed a change in how your clothes fit. Or maybe you've been told by a health care professional that you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol and that excessive weight could be a contributing factor. The first step is to assess whether or not your current weight is healthy.

It is possible to evaluate your weight and body fatness using BMI, or Body Mass Index. In order to do this, you need to know your exact height and weight. You can use special BMI online calculators. Obesity and overweight have been shown to increase the likelihood of certain diseases and other health problems.

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