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High temperature environment can induce thyroid disease

The high temperature environment is one of the important causes of thyroid disease. Experts say that summer is the peak season of hyperthyroidism. The sweltering summer heat can worsen the symptoms of the patients. The number of patients can be doubled than ordinary times. It can be the breakout for the first time or recurrence. Most of the patients are females aged from 20 to 50 years old. For the females, the incidence of suffering from hyperthyroidism is much higher than that of males.

The doctor says, in the summer, the air temperature is higher and the human body metabolism speeds up. As a result of increased thyroid function, more thyroid hormone hypersecretion, the oxidation process speeds up and metabolic rate picks up too, leading to more hyperthyroidism patients or worsening of the symptoms. In addition, the heat is easy to make people have big mood swings and is very adverse to emotional control of the endocrine disease. The hot weather can lead to poor sleep quality and induce the occurrence of summer hyperthyroidism or worsening symptoms.

The doctor says, as a result of high risk of outbreak or recurrence of hyperthyroidism in the summer, for people with hyperthyroidism signs or have a history of hyperthyroidism, it is important to pay special attention. Mainly, one should note the following points:
1, Avoid high temperature.
2,When working outdoor, avoid working for too long in the sun. Take sun screening measures before going out.
3, Replenish water in time.
4, Do not stay up. Have good arrangement over work and rest. Timely relieve the pressure on work or life. Avoid big mood swings.
5, Keep a healthy diet. Take less iodine, kelp, seaweed, alcohol, spicy food. Eat more fruits and vegetables and appropriately take some vitamin supplements.

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