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High stories make you live longer

The relationship of urban high-rise residential and the health and life of the occupants is a hot issue discussed by many people. Recently, researchers at the university of Bern in Switzerland has released a study revealing that people living in high stories are better in health and enjoy a longer life.

The survey covering 1.5 million people finds out that those who live above the eighth floor have 22% lower risk of premature death than those who live in lower stories. The possibility of suffering from lung diseases is 40% lower and the incidence of heart disease is 35% lower. People who live in the lower stories mostly die from mostly diseases associated with the lungs and heart.

Researchers believe that compared to the people who live in the lower stories, those who live higher are more likely to climb up and down the stairs. This has distanced them to the opportunity of getting heart disease. According to the research, "climbing a flight of stairs can prolong life for 4 seconds." Climbing stairs is a free and effective exercise. Climbing the stairs with general speed, you can consume 220 calories for every 10 minutes, which is four times better than walking. People who live in low-rise residential may be affected by air pollution and traffic noise, which is adverse to the health and longevity. High stories have also made up for the defect of dampness and tunnel vision.

High-rise building was a pain in the neck. It may be possible to let people get isolated from social environment and lead to unhealthy habits, or even increase the crime rate. But this kind of situation has a huge change in recent years. Now the high-rise buildings are different from those in the sixties and seventies. The quality are higher, design more reasonable and people live more comfortably.

High-rise residential have many advantages. For example, the vision is good. Indoor light is more sufficient. Ventilation and air circulation are also better.There is more quietness, less dust and even less mosquitos.

With all that is being said, there is the other side of the coin. Those who live in high stories are more likely to suffer from accidents such as fire as it is harder for them to escape and it is harder for the rescuers to rescue them.

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