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Different herbal tea for different people

For those who work in front of computers:
1. Chamomile helps promote sleep quality, moisturize the skin, relieve premenstrual discomfort, eliminate all kinds of body stiffness and aches, put down the heat in liver and eliminate eye fatigue.
2. Jasmine can replenish qi, nourish the liver and kidney, expel the toxins, promote gastric function and calm the nerves.
3. Lotus flower helps liminate excessive heat, expel the toxins, improve vision, refresh the mind and promote stomachic function.
4. Chrysanthemum can expel the toxins, clear heat and improve eye pain effect.
5. Licorice green tea helps to resist radiation damage and effective remove toxins from the body.

For those who crave for weight loss:
1. Jasmine improves lethargy and anxiety. It also has the efficacy for treating chronic stomach disease and menstrual disorders. Jasmine with pink roses has thinning effect.
2. Jade butterfly is good for clearing lung heat, relieving sore throat, thinning and promoting the body metabolism.
3. The lily magnolia flower is good for detoxification, skin care, cough relief and weight loss.
4. Verbena has the efficacy of strengthening liver metabolism, relaxing the nerves, promoting digestion, treating migraine and slimming. It should be noted that pregnant women should avoid.

For those with weak stomach
1. Mint helps whet the appetite, promote digestion, ease stomach pain and headache, promote metabolism and eliminate bad breath. Effectively eliminate flatulence. But note it can reduce maternal milk secretion.
2. Lotus flowers is beneficial in heat elimination, toxin expelling, liver nourishing, vision promotion, mind refreshing and gastric function enhancement.
3. Osmanthus tea has prevention and therapeutic effect for bad breath, unclear vision, urticaria, duodenal ulcer, stomach cold stomach .
4. Marigold is good for pain killing, wound healing. It can help treat stomachache, stomach ulcer. IT is unfavorable for pregnant women.

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