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Benefits that honey has

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, honey has very mild feature. It has the efficacy of nourishing the spleen and stomach, lubricate the bowels, calm the nerves, nourish the Yin and eliminate excessive heat and dryness, which is suitable for patients with Yin deficiency and much inner heat. Those with nasal sesitiveness, dryness and irritation symptoms can take honey for relief. But those with coldness and dampness and frequent edema will get more harm than benefits as it will aggravate the condition. Before eating honey, you should consider individual body constitution.

In addition, choosing honey should also depends on personal physical constitution. Different honey comes from different plants, medlar, longan, dangshen, hawthorn are on the warm side which possess the effect of tonification; Ginkgo biloba, rhizoma coptidis, loquat leaf, chrysanthemum are on the cold side which are of the efficacy of heat elimination.

A reasonable method is to eat one spoonful once a day. Having honey in different time of the day has different efficacies. Eating before bed helps to soothe your nerves, and promote sleep quality; Moisture is heavy in the spring and summer, so it is not suitable to have honey in the morning, but it is ok in autumn and winter. Additionally, honey has two-way adjustment feffect on gastric acid. FI taken too much, it can inhibit gastric acid. However, a small amount of it will stimulate gastric acid secretion. Those with much gastric acid secretion and ulcerative inflammation can have it half an hour before meals while those who are insufficient in gastric juice and lack of appetite should have it before meals. Honey can be directly have or go with warm water. It helps to stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and promote bowel movement. For people prone to diarrhea, it is better to take warm water no more than 60 ℃).

In addition, honey has anti-inflammatory and sterilization if it is for outside application. In ancient times, people apply honey on the wound for faster recovery. Applying the honey on the face and supplement moisture to the skin cutin layer and improve skin darkness.

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