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Stop sweat dew easily blocked pores most use twice a day

Hot weather always make people sweat. The bad smell that sweat bring will usually make people feel embarrassed. In consequence, people come up with all kinds of ways to get rid of the bad smell as well as sweat. They stay in the air conditioned room for all day long, apply hair removal creams or antiperspirant dew and so on and so forth. But what we should note is that hidroschesis products should be used in moderate amount or they are likely to cause all sorts of skin diseases.

The Ethanol, tannic acid and flavor can induce different degrees of allergic reactions. If the case gets serious, it can even cause folliculitis. Antiperspirant can only be used one or two times a day. Apply on a small part of the skin as far as possible. If it is the armpit, you had better use the ones with revolving balls. For the other parts, it is alright to use pray. Before applying, try on the ear hinds or the inner side of the arm. If there are symptoms such as redness, erythema and pruritus, you should immediately stop using it. What need reminding is, you cannot use stop it around a wounded part, or it may cause secondary infection or illness aggravation.

Actually, sweating is a way of body heat radiation which is beneficial to the body. Blinding stopping the sweat may cause body temperature too high. If the case gets serious, it can cause heat shock and even death. If you want to avoid the bad smell after sweating, you should start from good living habits, such as showering regularly, cleaning the armpits frequently; eat less irritating and spicy food like green onion; Wear clothes that make you feel cool, drink more lactic acid beverages to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body and reduce the eduction of bacteria of the sweat glands.

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