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Get rid of the toxins and become slim fast

Interference factors: biscuits, bread, butter, chocolate, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, meat, cheese, etc. If you take these foods, they cannot be easily cleared in time.So it is better for you not to keep these kinds of foods in the fridge in case that you cannot control yourself well.

Routine nutrition:The indispensable food is all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, yogurt, fish and seafood. In addition, you should prepare plenty of low-fat delicacies. When you are hungry, you can have some of those to quench your greediness for food.

Homemade toxin discharging soup: drink a bowl before meals

Practice: half a cabbage, 6 carrots, 2 bell peppers, 1 celery, 8 potatoes (peeled), 1 root celery, 2 cloves of garlic, 6 onions. Wash the vegetables, and then add 3 liters of water for boiling, take the food out once it is done and serve immediately.
1, if worry that drinking too much will make your feel too full, you have take some pills to help with your digestion.

2, carry a bottle of green tea with you (had better packed in vacuum cup), 1hunger-quenching mouth spray.

3, if you are really hungry, you might as well have an apple, kiwi fruit or pear to appease the hunger. You can also eat a small amount of cereal or low calorie snacks, or even a small piece of low-fat chocolate.

4, If you could not help but want to go to a restaurant to improve the food you have, it's best to transfer your attention, such as picking up some CDs that you like to spend a week happily. through this week and even forget yourself in your weight loss period.

5, Note not to spend too much time in front of the TV. Try to sleep before 12 or the metabolic system will be in disorder.

6, adhere to habit to have a bowl of vegetable soup before you have your dinner and the food intake will be lessened by 3/2. After a week, you can see very good slimming effect.

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