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Four major taboos of sunstroke

If you are effected by sunstroke, you need to pay attention to the following several points.

1, avoid drinking lots of water
People who got affected by heat stroke should take water in small amount and more times. The amount should be less than 300 ml for each time. Gulping down lots of water will dilute the gastric juice, affect the digestive function and cause reflection sweat hyperfunction. In consequence , there will be a huge loss of body fluids and salts. It the case gets severe, it can cause the heat cramps.

2, avoid eating cold melon and fruit in large quantities
Those who have heatstroke most have poor spleen and stomach function. If eating a lot of fruits which bring much coldness to your body, the Yang qi in the stomach will be damaged, causing diarrhea, abdominal pain and other adverse symptoms.

3, avoid eating greasy food
After the heat stroke , one should eat less greasy food, so as to adapt to the gastrointestinal digestive function in summer. Eating a lot of fat food can increase the burden of the stomach and intestines, making a large quantity of blood stagnant in the stomach and intestines. The bllod supplies in the brain will correspondingly decrease. As a result, people are likely to feel tired. Indigestion can also be caused.

4, avoid supplementing alone
After getting sun stroke, although one may have some deficiency syndromes, they cannot have supplements blindly. If you think you need supplements due to your weakness, then you are wrong. Supplements can make the heat stay in your body and make the condition worse.

First aid measures of heatstroke
1, Put the patient to a cool place
2, Let the patient lie down or sit down, and lift his lower extremities.
3, Lowering his body temperature.
Compress the forehead and body of the patient with towels which has been soaked in the cold water or cover him with a wet bedsheet and then expose him to the electric fan to lower the temperature. You should note not to use alcohol to cool down the patient's body.
4, Give him cooling drinks after he gets conscious patients. If the patient has no difficulties in breathing and swallowing, you can give him salt water(0.9 grams in each 100ml of water) Note: No drink or coffee.
5, If the patient gets no better, send him to the hospital for first aid.

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