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Who tend to attract the mosquitos?

Those with high temperature and exhale more carbon dioxide There is a heating body in the antennae of mosquitos, which is very sensitive to temperature. So the mosquitos can sense the smell 50 meters away. So those who are skinny people are more likely to attract mosquitos compared with those who have bigger body size when they gasp more after exercises. Sweating body sends out heat faster. Mosquitos can sense immediately. So, in summer, one should often take baths to reduce the body temperature and reduce the sweat on the skin surface.

Those with body odor
Sometimes even when the mosquitoes are near us, they will not sting. It mainly depends on the smell of our skin. Everyone has different chemical ingredients in the skin. Those who get sweaty easily have more lactic acid eduction which can attract mosquitoes.

Those with make-up or hair spray
Metropolitan residual will be left on the skin of these people that can invite mosquitos.

Those who wear dark-colored clothes
Mosquitoes prefer dark color. Black is the favourite color of mosquitos, followed by blue, red, green, etc. So, it's best to wear white or light-colored cotton clothes in summer evening.

Pregnant women
Medical studies show that pregnant women have one time more likelihood of getting stung by mosquitos. This is because the gas the exhale contain the substances that can be attractive to mosquitos. What's more, their abdomen temperature is higher, so the volatile substances are more.

Those who drink
Researches found that the chance of get stung by a mosquito will be increased by 15% after drinking one or two glasses of beer. In addition, many reports reveal that those who often eat bananas or foods containing B vitamins are not so popular with mosquitoes.

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