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Too much vitamin intake can lead to poisoning

Health care products are dietary supplements independent of prescription and over-the-counter medicine which can neither be used for treatment of diseases nor replace daily diet;

Second, the curative effect of expensive health care products promoted on the market, compared with its true value are not as good. For example, the Vitamin C pills you can get in the hospital with cheap price and the ones on the market which are much more expensive are essentially the same.

Finally, health care products are not "harmless", excessive intake of various nutrients can cause adverse reactions to the body. For example, excessive intake of calcium can cause stones. The upper limit of vitamin C intake is 1000 mg per day. Long-term intake of excessive vitamin C can lead to poisoning.

Special populations can appropriately take some supplements
Health care products are not useless. For the old people, children and pregnant women who have special demand for certain kinds of nutrients, they can take the corresponding ones under doctor's advice.

What we need to remember is, whether it is for someone else as gift or for yourself, we should not be credulous of the exaggerated propaganda of the manufacturer and adopt the right method to ensure the effect.

In addition, experts suggest office workers who stay up late, rest, work and eat irregularly should pare more time in for sun bask in order to promote the absorption of calcium and sleep;Take more fresh fruits to supplement the nutrition that the body needs.

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