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Six things to avoid after meals

1, smoking after meals
When the men are dining out or getting together for dinners, they tend to light up a cigarette and then do some casual chatting with each other. The danger of smoking after a meal is 10 times greater than usual! This is due because increased blood circulation of alimentary canal after eating cause more absorption of harmful compositions in cigarettes, damaging the liver, brain and heart, blood vessels and trigger related diseases.

2, drinking strong tea after meals
After the meals, the master will usually serve you a cup of hot tea. But if you drink tea after a meal, the gastric juice will be diluted, affecting digestion. In addition, tea leaves contain a lot of tannic acid in tea. Drinking tea after meals will make the protein in your stomach which hasn't been digested combine with tannic acid and form sediment, affecting protein absorption.

3, having fruit after a meal
Many people like to eat fruit after meals, which is an unhealthy living habit. After the food enters the stomach, you need after 1 to 2 hours of time for digestion. But if you immediately eat fruits after a meal, they will be blocked by the food you priorly eat, so the fruit can't be digested smoothly. . After a long time, it could cause symptoms such as abdominal distension, diarrhea or constipation.

4, loosen the waistband after meals
Many people will feel stuffed and tight in the belly part so they will loosen the waistband to make the belly comfortable. But by doing this, there will be a decrease in intra-abdominal pressure and cause drooping stomach in the long run.

5, take a shower after dinner
If you take a bath after meals, the blood flows on the body surface will increase, causing the decrease in gastrointestinal blood flows correspondingly, abating the digestive function and cause indigestion.

6, taking a walk after dinner
Worrying about getting fat, many have formed the habit of taking a walk after meals. But you take a walk immediately after meals, it can affect the gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients. It is especially the case with old people. Their heart function has declined and blood vessels are hardening. There would appear low blood pressure.

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